Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Metamorphosis Blueprint

The Metamorphosis Project
The Metamorphosis Project

To my many Friends, Family, Colleagues, and fellow citizens of the Great Planet Earth. I am honored to be able to present to you the first public draft of the Metamorphosis Blueprint; this document has been a collaboration from some of the greatest thinkers and doers of this century. The Metamorphosis Project evolved from discussions, meetings, and a call to action for the great many of us that recognize the shift in the world today.

I don’t believe that many would argue that the continued pattern of living and working together needs a change to be sustainable into our future generations. This Blueprint is a “Protocol” for living and working together under the same Sun on the same Planet.

I would ask each of you to take a moment to read this short document, it may change your life, it may reinforce your own commitment, it may be meaningless; however it will impact you in some profound way regardless of how you view the energy behind the Metamorphosis Protocol.

Once you have read this please take a moment to write an introduction of your own then send it to your own friends, family, and colleagues make it a celebration of Earth Day. I encourage you to start a discussion group if you’re not already part of one and if you are so inclined please join our discussion group at “The Metamorphosis Project” group on LinkedIN.

Since this will be an evolving document over time please send out the link and check back occasionally as updates are sure to present a more clear vision over time.

The next steps are to gather subject matter experts from all over the world to help coauthor detailed plans, instructional documentation and educational materials in a series of eBooks. Should you know of someone or perhaps even yourself that would be interested in adding your voice to a choir of voices please send your comments and interests to

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