Monday, December 15, 2008

Clean Energy Map

by Mark Hewitt

For those of us keeping up with some of the great energy and clean tech industry players Earth2Tech has built a map with locations and links to most of the North American start ups to be found.

As Google has now joined in the SmartGrid - Demand Response coalition I hope to see soon serious movement on non-proprietary standards for Smart devices emerge.

Keep up with all of the latest issues in Clean tech at SmartGridNews (rss feed)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rebooting America

by Mark Hewitt

Microsoft has trained us all about rebooting our computers when things just don't seem to work any more - well the voters have actually hit the reset button and we are about to see a "Reboot of the White house" and I suspect everything else from there.

If you haven't already seen the site "" please take the time to go and sign up for news and events.

At the top of the list is the "Plan for Broadband" December 18th is the next FCC meeting to vote on the wireless broadband rules.

Also if you haven't been following the "New America Foundation" please watch the video and read the "Call to Action".

And one of the best resources I've found since the election take a look at the "Transition Directory" the org chart alone is worth the time.

Next step is an upgrade - not just a reboot!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Broadband the New "NEW" deal

by Mark Hewitt

Saturday Obama placed the National Broadband strategy at number 4 on his list of priorities for reviving the nations strength, security, and economic prosperity. I applaud the president elect for his action and recognition of just how fundamental broadband is to our overall success as a nation.

Thousands of thought leaders throughout the industry have pushed hard to find leadership willing to establish a national broadband strategy and while I personally think that it is a shame that a catastrophic economic recession was necessary to get one, I'll take it none the less.

Now it the time to rally for unification and to reestablish the separation between broadband as a utility and an open market for competitive services. Broadband as a utility belongs to everyone this needs to be regulated not the services that broadband make possible. The original "Community Broadband Act of 2007" would have been a great leap forward in achieving this goal if it had not been for the US Senate that gutted the bill on pressure from wealthy lobbyists.