Saturday, May 7, 2011

Growing an Agile business

by Mark Hewitt

As a CEO we are faced with tough decisions; make or break; that’s why we are CEO’s and where better to collaborate but with other CEO’s. There is no MBA for what we must learn about running and growing a business; you must learn by doing and part of that is understanding how to network.

December 2010 I was invited to an event just outside of Las Vegas called CEO Space where I met hundreds of fellow Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and market leaders from all over the world. I would call the event a Ph.D. for CEO’s.

CEO Space is an organization that has grown only through word of mouth, with local chapters scattered throughout the world team leaders share and expand our knowledge with experience that is current and strategic.

For those of you who are already familiar with my work on Continuous Innovation, my next chapter is how to adopt these methods in your business planning and execution. I call it the “Agile Business” which if used gives us an “Unfair Advantage” over the legacy proprietary silo methods of conducting and operating a business today.

CEO Space will resonate with this evolutionary style of thinking, collaborating, and expanding value into a hungry market place.

The Cooperative Revolution

Working Together
Working Together
Throughout the age of Man we have grown in stages; stressed by our environment man began to understand our world with the mastery of Fire. We lived in tribal communities developing language, transportation, agriculture, until approximately 5,000 years ago when the Great Flood gave way to the stories of Noah and the birth of many of today's religions and great wars; where in Sun Tzu “The art of War” we are taught to divide then conquer.

Man’s growth over the past few hundred years has led to the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and with the birth of the Computer and the Internet we are on the precipice of the Cooperative Revolution.

The Cooperative Age is the period in which we develop our understanding that through self responsibility we are greater working together than apart; scrabbling over the same common resources like energy, water, food, land. Cooperatism is not a new concept aswe all remember the motto “United We Stand Divided We Fall” first told to us though Aesop’s fables in the story “The Four Oxen and the Tiger” from the sixth century BC.

Pockets of cooperative communities have been maturing to a greater degree over the past 40 years each meeting similar challenges of learning and teaching the values and results of cooperativism. It was 1994 when John Nash won the Noble Prize in economics for his understanding of cooperative economics and how it mirrors the best of how nature functions so efficiently. “Many in body One in Mind” from the The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin teaches us how to maintain our uniqueness yet produce greatness together.

The process is a “Metamorphosis” of human culture and economics and has led to the development of a set of principles we refer to as the Metamorphosis Protocol as a set of values and tests designed to insure our path and actions follow our intentions.

The team that led the writing of the Metamorphosis Protocol are now gathering expertise in each of the major fields of Economics, Business, Accounting, Technology, Communications, Industry, Development, Health, Government, Utilities, Transportation, Education, and Leadership to write a series of eBooks designed to provide a blueprint for this change.

If you have the necessary expertise or know of someone who does in each of the fields above please ask them to get involved to help co-author some of these “Blueprints” for success.

Contact anyone on the Metamorphosis Project for input or discussion.

The Metamorphosis Blueprint

The Metamorphosis Project
The Metamorphosis Project

To my many Friends, Family, Colleagues, and fellow citizens of the Great Planet Earth. I am honored to be able to present to you the first public draft of the Metamorphosis Blueprint; this document has been a collaboration from some of the greatest thinkers and doers of this century. The Metamorphosis Project evolved from discussions, meetings, and a call to action for the great many of us that recognize the shift in the world today.

I don’t believe that many would argue that the continued pattern of living and working together needs a change to be sustainable into our future generations. This Blueprint is a “Protocol” for living and working together under the same Sun on the same Planet.

I would ask each of you to take a moment to read this short document, it may change your life, it may reinforce your own commitment, it may be meaningless; however it will impact you in some profound way regardless of how you view the energy behind the Metamorphosis Protocol.

Once you have read this please take a moment to write an introduction of your own then send it to your own friends, family, and colleagues make it a celebration of Earth Day. I encourage you to start a discussion group if you’re not already part of one and if you are so inclined please join our discussion group at “The Metamorphosis Project” group on LinkedIN.

Since this will be an evolving document over time please send out the link and check back occasionally as updates are sure to present a more clear vision over time.

The next steps are to gather subject matter experts from all over the world to help coauthor detailed plans, instructional documentation and educational materials in a series of eBooks. Should you know of someone or perhaps even yourself that would be interested in adding your voice to a choir of voices please send your comments and interests to