Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Cooperative Revolution

Working Together
Working Together
Throughout the age of Man we have grown in stages; stressed by our environment man began to understand our world with the mastery of Fire. We lived in tribal communities developing language, transportation, agriculture, until approximately 5,000 years ago when the Great Flood gave way to the stories of Noah and the birth of many of today's religions and great wars; where in Sun Tzu “The art of War” we are taught to divide then conquer.

Man’s growth over the past few hundred years has led to the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and with the birth of the Computer and the Internet we are on the precipice of the Cooperative Revolution.

The Cooperative Age is the period in which we develop our understanding that through self responsibility we are greater working together than apart; scrabbling over the same common resources like energy, water, food, land. Cooperatism is not a new concept aswe all remember the motto “United We Stand Divided We Fall” first told to us though Aesop’s fables in the story “The Four Oxen and the Tiger” from the sixth century BC.

Pockets of cooperative communities have been maturing to a greater degree over the past 40 years each meeting similar challenges of learning and teaching the values and results of cooperativism. It was 1994 when John Nash won the Noble Prize in economics for his understanding of cooperative economics and how it mirrors the best of how nature functions so efficiently. “Many in body One in Mind” from the The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin teaches us how to maintain our uniqueness yet produce greatness together.

The process is a “Metamorphosis” of human culture and economics and has led to the development of a set of principles we refer to as the Metamorphosis Protocol as a set of values and tests designed to insure our path and actions follow our intentions.

The team that led the writing of the Metamorphosis Protocol are now gathering expertise in each of the major fields of Economics, Business, Accounting, Technology, Communications, Industry, Development, Health, Government, Utilities, Transportation, Education, and Leadership to write a series of eBooks designed to provide a blueprint for this change.

If you have the necessary expertise or know of someone who does in each of the fields above please ask them to get involved to help co-author some of these “Blueprints” for success.

Contact anyone on the Metamorphosis Project for input or discussion.

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