Saturday, May 7, 2011

Growing an Agile business

by Mark Hewitt

As a CEO we are faced with tough decisions; make or break; that’s why we are CEO’s and where better to collaborate but with other CEO’s. There is no MBA for what we must learn about running and growing a business; you must learn by doing and part of that is understanding how to network.

December 2010 I was invited to an event just outside of Las Vegas called CEO Space where I met hundreds of fellow Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and market leaders from all over the world. I would call the event a Ph.D. for CEO’s.

CEO Space is an organization that has grown only through word of mouth, with local chapters scattered throughout the world team leaders share and expand our knowledge with experience that is current and strategic.

For those of you who are already familiar with my work on Continuous Innovation, my next chapter is how to adopt these methods in your business planning and execution. I call it the “Agile Business” which if used gives us an “Unfair Advantage” over the legacy proprietary silo methods of conducting and operating a business today.

CEO Space will resonate with this evolutionary style of thinking, collaborating, and expanding value into a hungry market place.

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