Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why the stimulus package isn’t enough

and what to do about it

by Mark Hewitt

President Elect Obama has inherited the greatest power on earth; he is that one man than can make a difference at a time which change is possible.

Today the powerful force of the “Status Quo” is still at hand; where established systems are simply asking for more resources to do what has always been done before; From State and City governments to entire industries; i.e. Automotive, Retail, Banking, Transportation, etc.

At the core of our economic crisis is a fundamental flaw in how an economy actually works. We have allowed for accounting systems such as the “Federal Reserve” to play games with how we measure productivity. (see the book Creature from Jekyll Island) this process has led to wide spread business value where real productivity is traded for promissory notes without any backing or substance. (Sounds like something familiar in the news today i.e. Bernard Madoff).

My conclusion is that continued funding of established broken systems only delay an already failed system.

How to fix it

First it is important to understand that we live in a Universe where nothing is ever wasted and from a Physics perspective everything is always in balance which translates into the national debt is just a gross misrepresentation of someone’s accounting of real value.

The current set of notes and accounting used in today’s world economy has been primarily built on the basis of a “non-renewable” source of energy or Oil, Gas, & Coal. With minor exceptions for materials based uses of these products a real accounting of productivity will show that our books are actually very balanced.

Today we have the opportunity to leverage what resources we have as a nation and focus it on the following priorities:

  1. Replace non-renewable energy sources with renewable energy
  2. Establish infrastructure in a format that can be maintained and or replaced
  3. First and foremost is communications; establish an open and “Free to access” national “Intranet”.
  4. Build a transportation network that favors renewable energy based systems of transportation; i.e. Maglift Rail systems, electric cars, etc.
  5. Establish a network and system of accountability for use of our energy sources and other resources.
  6. Establish a basis for basic health maintenance and health care.
  7. Education is the foundation of human understanding; it should be a social and national priority and not restricted to legacy university systems; we have the technology and with a National Intranet we can deliver.
  8. National and Personal safety and security; is a responsibility not a right; education and training empower each of us to be responsible for safety and security.
  9. Foreign policy; we are all part of the same family on this planet; diversity is part of establishing a successful future; however threats and the use of violence can not be tolerated in a evolving civilization and it is the responsibility of our neighbors to tolerate or ignore members of their own culture that support or use force on others. International foreign policy should have a zero tolerance for the use of violence against others.

I realize that this may be radical thinking and that an understanding of how symbiotic Energy and an Economy are with each other should be at the forefront of everything we do.

Even to the point that conservation is not a solution; we have the energy to live in a balanced world without giving up the things that make us more productive and healthy.

Remember that “Change” is the only truly universal constant.

Mark Hewitt


Alfred said...

All of your comments are great. The only thing I have to say is that as long as the Federal Reserve Mortgages our future through usury and debt based money we will not be able to achieve the utopia you seek. Actually we all seek some sort of utopia. I would add one more element to your list. End the FED and replace fiat with sound money.

Neo said...

Mark, you have forwarded some very good points. Let’s hope for all us, the changes really take place or were in for all long painful recovery. The money is there, it's convincing the power's to be, to take the decisions.

Raymond said...

Great commentary.

Minor quibble vs. Maglev trains electrify current system easier, quicker and huge payback see -