Monday, September 17, 2007

They really have it all Wrong

Verizon appeals the “Google Amendment”

by Mark Hewitt
September 17th, 2007

Verizon claiming the restriction of how to use the new 700 Mhz spectrum is a violation of “Free Speech”.

Well in my opinion – they’ve got it all wrong – the Spectrum belongs to the American Public – the FCC has been entrusted to regulate and manage its use – however Verizon nor any licensee owns the spectrum –

Spectrum like easements for Tower, Fiber, and other Utilities are part of our Infrastructure and should be managed and regulated as such. Requiring a licensee to abide by such rules is fair and prudent use of our resources.

One should also take note of the ruling against Microsoft this past week as they loose their appeal in the EU anti-trust case. Key to this ruling is how Microsoft used the Operating System sales to give preference to either Microsoft applications or those of favored partners, and while it could easily be said that the O/S wars are nearly over still this is a good example of the miss-use of power and marketing.

And you wonder why Google maintains the company motto of “Do no Evil”.

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